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Founded in Hinzweiler, Germany in 1989 by Hans Hubrich with just two employees, we have grown to become a leading international manufacturer of UV gels. Our team of 62 is now responsible for producing a unique range of products, at our 8,000m2 manufacturing plant, comprising 1,700 innovative gels for clients in 80 countries worldwide.


A second plant in Bitche, France adds greater agility to our business, allowing us to better fulfil customer requirements, with reduced lead times, more flexible production options and an increased daily output of up to 2,400Kg.

Whilst in 2002 we also expanded our product palette to include Permanent Make-up and in 2023 to Tattoo Inks.


Trend spotting


So what is the secret of our success? It is a combination of our desire to continue innovating, a clear focus on the needs of our customers, a keen eye for the latest trends and fashions plus limitless passion for what we do. Each new product development not only profits from 30 years of experience and know-how, but a generous helping of passion for what we do. Our own research lab works tirelessly to create new products, of the highest quality, for a growing national and international customer base that has learnt to rely on ‘quality made in Germany’.



Service, Polystone style


Customer satisfaction and service are, together with a quality product, our primary considerations. This winning combination, allows us to offer levels of service that include:

  • Developing customized products
  • Filling in our jars
  • Filling in your jars
  • Bulk ordering
  • Labelling
  • Security sealing
  • Packing into boxes with inserts



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